RoninWorks – Rattle – Promotional Video

Moving an object around in 3D space can be a tedious and annoying process and is definitely not something a baby could do with todays versions of tools like Maya, 3DS or alike. But with the immersive tools from RoninWorks even a baby could animate a shaking rattle more dynamically.

Watch what happens when a baby discovers full 6D motion interaction.

RoninWorks - Rattle - Promotional

(And yeah, after hearing this over and over again for 3 full days, exhibiting at Siggraph, we had a rather ballistic attitude towards crying babies…)

One thought on “RoninWorks – Rattle – Promotional Video”

  1. Waaah… waaaah… it truly was maddening. Good for one play, got the idea out, but in a booth on a loop. Pure madness! Maybe Darin could take the edge off…. hmmmm….

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